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This is an extraordinary motorcycle helmet from Nitrinos motostudio. The first sample of Neko-helmet was produced with a view to Nitrinos participation in a festival of Japanese culture in 2011. After the festival, the helmet became available for orders.

Popular motorcycle helmet Neko has become even more impressive and more functional. Following numerous requests from our customers, we’ve made the module “Ears” removable. With the help of modern technology, we’ve designed and manufactured a special device for quick removal, which meets all safety requirements. The updated version of the helmet has a number of advantages and is produced only by the Nitrinos moto studio. If you are going on a long trip or want to ride very fast, you can easily remove the Ears module, and the Neko helmet will take on its usual shape.
For convenient storage and transportation, we have developed a designer bag.
Lamp power module is fitted in the “Ears”. Changing batteries is easy. And in the bag for “Ears” you will find a special place for storing batteries.
We’ve upgraded the mesh elements in the module “Ears”. The meshes are designed using modern 3D technology and meet all safety requirements. They are available in different colors.
The Neco-helmet is based on the modern and comfortable polycarbonate shell. Each helmet is equipped with a scratch-resistant transparent visor and a built-in tinted visor. It has double ventilation (around the forehead and chin) and a removable and washable inner liner, which is easy to care for. Lining material 100% polyester. The helmet is available in all popular sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL.


Each Neko-helmet is made to order within 3-5 weeks. Delivery is managed to any country. Delivery time takes 2-4 weeks depending on the district (region). You shall choose your size, desired color – to make your order; specify the contact data. Once you send the information, we will contact you within one business day. We make Neko helmets in different colors.

NekoSingle color
This is a single colour-Neko helmet covered with a layer of matte or glossy lacquer. You can choose any color: black, white, orange or any other colour. Specify in the request for a helmet, what color you choose and we will reply to you in the nearest time.
Adding a second color and lines on the helmet, we create a unique design.
Our painter can make a sketch of painting according to your wishes.
Specify in the request, which (two) colors shall be used to paint your helmet.
Three colors can be perfectly combined with the design of your outfit.
Send a photo of your outfit and our painter will prepare a sketch.
PRICE — $ 740
Neko-helmet with aerography. Aerography is a complex pattern which is performed according to order.
Manufacturing period for a helmet with aerography takes a little more time, but the result will fully meet your expectation.
Describe any pattern you’d like to get and send the request form.
visor_nekoAdditional removable module Fury Ears
This option is for those who find it difficult to decide which helmet to choose – Neko or Fury, and want them both. You can easily change these removable modules on your helmet and become the character you want to be today. The price given is for a monochrome version of a helmet, prices for models with airbrushing designs are calculated on a case-by-case basis.
Unfortunately, removable Fury Ears can’t be ordered separately from the helmet.
We’re offering you a 50% discount until the end of this month.
Стоимость опции — $ 280 $ 140

visor_nekoLights in the ears
LED flashlights in the ears. The front lights are white, the rear lights are red.
PRICE — $ 65

Glow option for additional removable module Fury Ears
Complete your additional removable module with an incredible wow effect! Glow color, a combination of transitions from one color to another can be configured and controlled using the LED Hue application via Bluetooth.
Option cost — $110
visor_nekoHelmet bag
Special bag for the Neko-helmet.
You can choose a color of the bag from the following variants:
– red and black;
– yellow and black(blue);
– black.
Also, we can produce a bag with fabric color to your choice.
PRICE — $ 100

visor_nekoBag for module “Ears”
The designer bag for storage and transportation of the removable Ears module is designed to highlight your personality. We offer it in several colors:
– red and black;
– yellow and black;
– yellow and blue;
– black;
– your colour.
PRICE — $ 70

ears_nekoAdditional tinted visor
Each helmet is equipped with a basic clear visor.
Also, a dark visor (folding shield) is integrated inside the helmet.We can add a basic dark visor to the helmet
Option cost – $ 75

visor_nekoColor selection
So that we understand what shade you want to see on the helmet, let us know the RAL number from the table.

ears_nekoEar grille color
As a default, grille in the helmet ears is black.
We additionally suggest you the color option.

The helmet can be sent to any country in the world.

Delivery time takes 2-4 weeks depending on the district (region).
In some instances, the delivery takes more time.
Each Neko-helmet is made to order within 3-5 weeks.
After producing and shipping, you get a track number.