Predator Helmet original Nitrinos Flyboard

The Predator helmet – it is an “outrage against” the outdated approaches of helmet designs.
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Some time ago, we thought what could happen if we dive into water using the Predator helmet? As experiment, we chose the flyboard. It was really awesome! We had no problems with the helmet! At the end of filming, we removed the soft elements, dried them and put them back.


MOTOSPARTA – a new word in the world of motorcycle industry. Nitrinos presents the unique moto helmet, connecting the ancient warriors’ character and functionality that meet nowaday requirements.
MOTOSPARTA – the helmet for those who choose epatage and reject ordinariness.

Strength test of the Predator helmet

The main feature of helmet is head protection capability in case of an accident. To determine the strength of the helmet, it is necessary to conduct tests, applying the breaking loads. Each motorcycle helmet consists of two main parts: a hard shell and a damping layer. The shell of the Predator helmet made of several layers of fiberglass and Kevlar; this technology is so far the best in the production of high quality and reliable helmets. Compromise solution, which is often used in the production of inexpensive helmets, is the production of polycarbonate. In this video, you’ll clearly see the damages of the shells of standard polycarbonate and composite helmets in comparison with Predator helmet shell. 

Carbon Predator helmet

Carbon fiber – a modern, high-tech material that is used in the most technologically advanced industries: aviation, vehicle and motorcycle sport, military industry, etc. For Nitrinos motostudio, manufacturing of carboxylic (carbon) products is a special area. Carbon Predator helmet is much more expensive than the basic version, but the use of carbon fiber is to reduce the weight of the helmet to 150 grams, while the strength remains the same. In addition, the texture of carbon fiber has a unique style that emphasizes an expressive design of the Predator helmet.

Stunt riding from Marat Kankadze

From the very beginning, we developed the Predator helmet specifically for stunt performances. Marat Kankadze – is known stunt rider, winner and medalist of numerous extreme events in Russia and Europe. For Marat, we made a helmet with the original design which perfectly complements the overall painting style of his bike and equipment. Shooting of this video took place in Togliatti, during one of his trainings. You can LINK to watch Marat’s helmet. In addition, we advise you to visit the official Marat’s website:

The Neko helmet “Cheshire”

One of the most recognizable characters with the ears, Cheshire cat, became the inspiration of our artist for such helmet creation. Neko-helmet is a standard motorcycle helmet with the distinguished design which is formed up by two ears. On our website, in the section – “helmets”, you can order the Neko-helmet. And in this video, we propose to evaluate our work and especially our experiment with photoluminescent paint. This paint, in ordinary light, looks like a light gray enamel, but in the dark, a special pigment – phosphor emits a bloomy glow.  

How we make the Predator helmet

 Do you want to know how we make the original Predator helmet? This movie was created for you in 2013. Since we are constantly improving our production technology, but the basic principles of manufacturing of the original Predator helmet remain unchanged. Our main condition is the highest quality work at each stage. Even at the stage of checkout, we offer the best option for you. On the basis of these configuration examples and a complete set of color, we are pleased to propose originality, or at your request, we can bring innovative solutions. Proving of the quality of our work is the fact that many customers received their first Predator helmet, bought one more or two helmets in order to diversify their collection.