Predator Cross


Modification of the legendary Nitrinos helmet – Predator Cross.
We made that helmet for fans of active driving on motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles.

The main feature of the Predator Cross helmet – the possibility of removable glasses usage.
Helmet shell made up of several layers of fiberglass and Kevlar. Permanent ventilation for head blowing and removable inner part of the helmet for exploitation comfort.
Unlimited variations of helmet painting create a completely exclusive helmet for you.



Basic configuration. The Predator Helmet Cross in the base configuration is matt black. 20 durable nylon dreadlocks of black color, 34 cm long. Chin strap fastener – Double D. The weight of the helmet with dreadlocks – 1750 grams. The helmet is equipped with fleece cover. Glasses are not included. The cost of the helmet in the base configuration – 650 usd.



Additional options of The Predator Helmet Cross

The “Predator Helmet Cross” is unique for its additional options. They are also available.
Each option has its own cost which is added to the base cost ( 650 usd ) of the helmet.

1) Dreadlocks
The distinctive feature of the Predator helmet – dreads.
Choose the dreads at your pleasure, black or white, and also the length:
– 34 cm
– 45 cm
– combined



2) One color painting
The Predator helmet has a black matt coating in the base configuration, rough to the touch surface. But there are other color options, such as black metallic or white gloss.
Also, you can select a color from the RAL table

Option cost – $ 100 (usd)

 3) Carbon edges for dreads
Dreads, tails (on the helmet) have the length of 34 cm. There are 22 units of dreads. You can
complete the dreads with carbon edges. The edges are made of carbon. The set consists of 22
Option cost – $ 108 (usd)

4) Kevlar tips for dreadlocks
Kevlar tips can be of four types:
– Red;
– Orange;
– Blue;
– Green.
Choose which color is combined ideally with your helmet Predator.
The set consists of 22 edges.
Option cost – $ 125 (usd)

5) Engraving (scars, hieroglyphs)
To give an individual style to your helmet, we can make engraving. These are not only the drawings of scars
and hieroglyphs but tangible engraved figures.


Option cost – $ 32 (usd)

The original Predator helmet is made only to order after payment.
Manufacturing period: 2-5 weeks.
Delivery is managed to any country.
Delivery time takes 1-3 weeks depending on the district (region).
After producing and shipping, you get a track number.
(!) The additional customs duty is possible in some countries

Select a size of the helmet (how to determine a size of the helmet) and additional options.
Click “Show a price”, to check the price of the helmet in the selected configuration.

You just can change the configuration, to add or remove options. Re-click “Show a price” in order to see the price. You can add or remove options, and press “Calculate a price” over and over again, the price is to be updated. Thus, you can choose the best option for yourself.

You’ve just taken a decision and you’re ready to make an order?
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