How does Nitrinos Predator helmet differ from others?

A common question that we are asked, but the question itself is not correct.

The Predator helmet is the development of Nitrinos motostudio. There is no “other” Predator helmets.
On its own, the phrase ” Predator helmet ” was first introduced by Nitrinos motostudio.
The Predator helmet officially patented and patented as a protective helmet.
Some fraudsters may submit a patent on the Predator helmet mask, but it is obvious that the MASK (ЗАЩИТНАЯ МАСКА) is not a HELMET

Fraudsters, using the great popularity of the original Predator helmet, sell the low-quality fakes overpriced.
Manufacturing technology of the counterfeit is simple: the plastic parts with dreadlocks are glued onto a cheap plastic helmet (price $100-$200).
Such product is sold for $800 – $900. The additional elements on a helmet increase its weight, besides this product lose a number of important features: there is no possibility to replace the visor in a counterfeit; visor design is such that between it and helmet shell, there is no seal and in case of rain, the water gets under the plastic foam and inside of the helmet.

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